Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Siena is a color because the city is Siena

Ahhh. Siena. I loved staying in this medieval city. It had all of the charm of a smaller town, but with elegant shopping, dining and the most interesting cathedral (Duomo) I have seen thus far.
One of our major goals for Siena/Tuscany was to tour a Montalcino winery that makes Brunello wine.
My fellow adventurer S.M. spent at least a year and ALOT of money on wine school a few years ago, so she knew where we had to go.
The wine and olive sectors of this region have won prizes and nominations for over a century and their own museums/historical buildings have international importance.

There at our quaint little B&B just outside the official city walls, we spot a poster saying that on our one day to tour a winery, there is only one going to Chianti country.
Oh well. We are dissapointed but we will take it. The next day, we walk up our hill to the church next door and wait and wait.
We even call the tour co. wondering where our van is. I have paid $120.00 for this excursion. I am worried.
But alas, the luxury van arrives and out steps the most gorgeous young natural beauty, in an unspoiled Madonna kinda way...Julia. Our guide...
and a couple from Delaware.
Off we go...Julia says "We can't go to a Chianti winery today, we can only get into Montalcino.
The gods shine upon us. 40 minutes later we roll up. A handsome old man of 85 meets us. He is dressed to the nines, and from what I understand from Julia, (he speaks no english) this winery has always been in his family.
It is also a museum with rooms underground dating back to 990. No kidding. After the little tour, we taste about 4 wines with bread and cheese in between and that old man starts getting us to shoot grappa. That's distilled grape skin or something. It tastes strong, and it is. I can't remember much after that.

We had the B&B cat sneak into our room, continuing the cat theme. I bought a gorgeous leather suitcase and Christmas presents. We made a new italian friend at a bar/coffee shop and hung out there with him after hours drinking and going on and on about faith in his limited but impressive english. I didn't like leaving Siena, but Florence awaited.


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what a gorgeous place!!!! i'am GREEN!

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