Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AN EPIC Haiku of our trip by my husband John

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I can't blog literally below this without adding my husbands brilliant account as well in haiku form.

Again you sprawl for my tires.
What things we have seen.

Texas Panhandle,
More Tornadoes there than trees.
Room enough to think.

The wind blows stiff,hot
in Palo Duro Canyon.
Girl Scouts foil our sleep.

Ginger-faced scout girl,
More freckles than days on earth.
Pets my spotty dog.

Camp site shower stall.
One wouldn't expect fat perv,
Fuck expectations.

Clouds in deep whiteness,
Well-powdered wig for Pike's Peak.
Mole-hills of Mountains.

Antlers reach for God.
Matted fur, limbs made stone-stiff,
by two days of death.

Garden of the Gods.
Some truth in advertising,
In this world of lies.

White Georgian Mansion,
Home to ghosts and Roosevelt.
Wind hollows my bones.

Here, room 416.
Oh, you walked in on someone?
Try 307.

Twelve hours across Plains,
If grass were gold we'd be rich.
Why does our hound moan?

Here comes a hill,wow!
There it goes now back to flat.
Olive paws window.

Why give names to towns,
when they're just a church and pump?
Wincing dog door scratch.

George Armstrong Custer
Lived in that house? Let's burn it.
Olive! Calm down.Dog!

Finally,close now.
These fields open to cities.
Ignore the dog,Beth.

Poof! Pressure released.
Was it a tire? wish it was.
Stench comes on like death.

Brown splatter on seat.
Daddy's arm caught in cross-fire.
Pull the fuck over!

Topeka Ghetto.
Sun falling, we must work quick.
Where'd I hide the knife?

Please, my Hindu friend,
may I wash in your restroom?
Customers only?

Sell me some towels.
You have not one brand of soap?
Nag Champa for smell.

Dry scrub and dry heave.
Empty tank and empty dog.
Back seat,Wife laughing.

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures


Blogger CouchSurfingOri said...

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10:35 AM  
Blogger CouchSurfingOri said...

That was so fucking awesome! On so many fronts! I feel that I got to share the journey from that Haiount of it.

Thoroughly enjoyed
Your great use of the haiku
Would like to read more

I think you should enter some creative writing contests, or send to publications... I know Austin is a bag fan of locals, perhaps some of the Austin papers? You should definitely be published.

10:36 AM  

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