Monday, August 09, 2010

Brand Management Rehab

Building a brand like Tito's with no money and no structure or boundries for 8 years was intense to say the least.
We always did more business than our employees could handle but we somehow survived...barely...and
I ended up with many benefits at the end. Any time Tito could take care of me, he went above and beyond.
This made my parents very happy. Of course I appreciated it.
When I blew up my life last fall I vowed to take it all down a notch or ten in the frantic responsibility dept.
I only want to be responsible for John and I as a team right now. I don't want to do payroll or managing or deal with overhead.
I'll never sleep in but I'd love to know that I can.
Sometimes people offer me their employees if I will take on their project and I say NO.
I don't want to build a big company. My ambition is based on the quality of my temperament now. Hell, I can't even get a website done because I STILL don't know how to explain what I do...
Turns out, John and I, by decompressing from my old state of being, need less. We revel in simplicity.
We aren't having kids and we like just being on the road together. We don't want to be tied down.

We are considering customizing a van and taking our new business idea on the road with a promotional tour next summer for 3 months and then move out a little south near San Marcos so Johnny can pick up the writing program there at SW TX State.
I hope I can keep some clients that can deal with me working from the road for the summer.
If not, I'll figure it out. The new business is based on passion, and not making a mint but I trust it.

hint: DOGS. (I've been dared to launch in's possible)

The adult formula to happiness that people try to sell me on do not apply here.
I'm at capacity with clients now and when a contract is up with a client, I haven't been replacing them.
It's just making room for my new on line community venture.
That being said,
I HAVE been doing something really cool with professional trade relationships. Helping friends with parts of their business and then they teach me things about mine or connect me to more things I need to get further. No money is exchanged but we all get inspired and move further down the field.
I've paid my debts down and have a really low cost of living so that losing anything can't break me.
I want to do better for less people and not be stretched so thin that I get resentful. THAT is the goal.
Most of all, after helping other brands for so long, I AM READY to make my own. Here we go!


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