Monday, May 24, 2010

I just deleted 4 years of blog so I could start over LITERALLY

That's right. I just erased my anonymous blog and made it a real one with my real name on it.
I don't mind erasing what I wrote over the last 4 years because it was mostly hard times and it brought me here to good ones which I would rather focus on now.
Well, Except for that Italy trip. I'm leaving those posts there because it's the only record of my memories besides photos and it was an important trip for me.
The blogs I deleted were filled with extreme work stress, self doubt and chronicles of my lost pregnancies. I don't mean to freak people out, but that and 100 other sucky things that happened up until last fall forced me to blow up my life and re build it in a healthier way.
I left that 80 hour a week stressful job title after 8 years, I got my tubes tied and I am now consulting with an emphasis on teaching and empowering brands and start ups. I ride my bike to work, travel for fun more, have hobbies and only take on projects I think have legs and authenticity going for them. It's going GREAT.
I'm not sure that I will be blogging about specifics because I think that's personal to my clients, but I DO intend on posting some lessons, visions and adventures because those are coming at me fast and furious now.
I don't want to blog in marketing cliches and claim to be some expert. I am not tech savvy. I won't debate the latest of anything...
I work in visions, art direction, events, consistency and messaging.
I'm a creative person with intuition enough to smell bad ideas, unrealistic aspirations and impure intentions.
I also had this dance with a guy named Tito who helped accelerate my experience in branding/marketing, or at least let me take a chance on his dance a long time ago...and we continue to stay in cahoots despite my peaceful corner office at Bellanti Branding. He's cool like that.