Monday, January 17, 2011

A strange mess of ass kicking & having ass kicked

It's taken me a while to process all of this to write out an update but I guess that's how it works.

1. We got stuck in Missouri over Christmas with an expensive broken down car situation, but got to hang longer with my mother, sister and cousins and won $500 at the casino. There was the usual mix of family drama and family bliss.

2. Was able to see my grandmother Georgene one more time. She died last Monday. I was wrecked that 3 days before we went from the hope of a feeding tube, to the news of incurable stomach cancer, and immediate hospice. I could not separate from her mind, knowing she had one day to face her fate. She was scared to die. She let us know that. I suffered all last weekend stuck in her head about her letdown. I've lost a lot of old people. Most were ready to go. 92 year old Georgene might as well have been 30. Last Monday night I had a peaceful sleep, except for when my normally silent dog started barking around 1am. Then her electric collar beeped all night (it was not on her) which is impossible without an electrical current source. It hasnt since. Johnny heard steps on our stairs. Nothing. We went back to bed confused. Got the call she had passed after midnight the next day. Hope she's at peace. I am going to miss her badly.

3. After 2 months of moving carload by carload 45 minutes away from Austin, we finished today. We love being in Wimberley. I have had 10 ladybugs land on me in our treehouse loft. The shop is coming together. Robyn Ludwick and fam, and ours have partnered up to create an artistic haven in a hippie village downtown. It's called HAPPY2U. (That's a greeting Robyn's 3 year old has all of Wimberley saying as they come and go)
We plan to sell TX Music, HAPPY2U shirts, vintage western everything, local products, art, crafty stuff, my UPWITHMUTTS.COM leashes and who knows what else. PLEASE COME VISIT.
(oh yeah. is launching soon)
Fingers crossed-- I THINK our Austin cottage MAY have gotten rented and we will be free of that expense.
Also, am able to keep my Austin office now, where I'll be able to crash when I'm out too late. Jan Mirken. My dear friend and office landlord is an angel.

4. Johnny is getting offered incredible opportunities promoting and booking nights at a few music venues. His own bands are kicking ass. He is playing SXSW with Ignorance Park.

5. RobynLudwick has so many crazy good developments and buzz leading up to her record release in April. I can't spill the beans yet, but check out her blog at She's my friend and muse and landlord now. I would NOT be working in music publicity again if it werent for hearing her new record. She also feeds us well from her magic kitchen next door.

6. I AM GOING TO SEE AMOS LEE & BRIAN LOPEZ in TUCSON in 2 weeks. And go hiking. and stay in haunted hotel with Miss Callie Snyder, My cowgirl partner in crime.

7. Tito convinced me to stay on at the ol vodka company. I love him. Speaking to the sales team tomorrow about the early days and how it all happened. Kinda nervous!

8. (deleted for another blog that will be a marketing philosophy rant)

9. I got a Kickass Award from Spike Gillespie-writer-blogger-hero last week at Bookpeople.
I was sandwiched between Tim League and Kate Messer. Holy shit.
The stories of the winner had us all sobbing.
My friend Callie Snyder nominated me. Tammy, Colin and Cory showed up for me
They all pretty much kick more ass than I can convey.